Annual waste report for several sites

Service description

This service is available to all organisations and their registered users. If an inspectorate is responsible for a site, only the users of the inspectorate can use the service. The annual waste report must be recorded for the waste categories (nk) and (ak).

When must an annual waste report be submitted?

From the 2022 reporting period onwards, in addition to waste not subject to control (nk), other waste subject to regulatory controls without mandatory accompanying documentation (ak) must be recorded with this service in the DETEC eGovernment portal instead of, as previously, in veva-online.

All sites that meet the following criteria are obliged to submit an annual waste report:

  • All waste disposal facilities as well as material extraction sites to be refilled or recultivated that accept waste.

What data needs to be recorded?

The corresponding reports from the waste disposal facilities include the waste received and forwarded. When forwarding other waste subject to regulatory controls without mandatory accompanying documentation (ak), you have to enter the company number. For waste not subject to regulatory controls (nk), this is optional. The company number entered must be a waste disposal facility. 
Products may be recorded voluntarily or according to cantonal directives (see Figure 5 in Reporting according to the ADWO (PDF, 1 MB, 28.10.2019, in German) ( .

Hazardous waste [S] and waste subject to regulatory controls with mandatory accompanying documentation [akb] are still recorded via veva-online (VeVA processes) until further notice.

Upload waste report with an Excel file

Data for several sites can be uploaded in an Excel file. The Excel file must follow the same format as the template.

What is the process?

  1. Download the Excel file.
  2. Fill in the spreadsheet "Data" with your values.
    a.     IMPORTANT: The worksheet "Data" must not be renamed.
    b.     In the worksheet "Example" you will find hints and an example
            how to enter the data.
    c.     The codes for output products can be found in the worksheet
            "Product list".
  3. Save the completed file on your computer.
  4. Upload the file via the "Excel Upload" field.
  5. The feedback on processing is sent in a separate message with the subject "Annual waste message Excel accepted" or "Annual waste message Excel not accepted".
  6.  After the upload has been completed, the status of the processing is displayed in a new Excel file. You will find this Excel file in the attachment to the message.
  7. Correct any incorrect entries in this Excel file and upload it again.
  8. Repeat the process until the Excel file can be uploaded without errors. 

    Upload the data according to the steps described

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