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Here you can find the service to record a new declaration and to modify, confirm or delete an existing declaration.

Entities listed as shipper on the dangerous goods transport document in accordance with Part 5, Chapter 4 of the TIs to ICAO Annex 18 (= "Dangerous Goods Shipper's Declaration") are required from 1 April 2023* to submit a one-time declaration to the FOCA before delivering their first dangerous goods consignment at the cargo acceptance point.

With this declaration, the company required to submit a declaration confirms to the FOCA that it complies with all Swiss and international regulations on dangerous goods.

The declaration is to be submitted by an authorised signatory of the company and contains the following information:

  • Information on the company (name, address, UID-number, shipment addresses)
  • Information on the authorised signatory (name, position in the company)
  • Information on the classes of dangerous goods to be transported 
  • Confirmation of conformity with legal requirements
  • Declaration of consent to the processing and use of data

The information provided must be kept up to date at all times. Companies required to submit a declaration are therefore requested to confirm the information in their declaration to the FOCA at regular intervals (335 days after the initial declaration or the last update). If no such confirmation is given, the declaration on file automatically expires after a 30-day period.

*A seven-month transition period applies. If the FOCA has not received a declaration by 1 November 2023, any dangerous goods consignments from the company in question will be rejected by the cargo acceptance staff during the cargo acceptance procedure.

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