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What's new?

Here you will find information on new features in the Waste and Resources service group rolled out with the June release (26 June 2022).

  • New service 'Allocate sites to an organisation'

With this new service, a site's existing allocation to an organisation can be changed. This also means that several sites can be combined under one organisation.


Benefits for you:

  1. Less administrative work

    Example: A company has a type A landfill site and a type B landfill site at the same location.      These two sites can now be managed via one organisation.

  2. Easier to adjust the organisation structures

    Example: A large company has set up a waste generating company for a business partner under the wrong organisation. This link can now be redefined.





More information about this service (e.g. the impact on VeVa-Online) can be found under Detailed Information.

Changes to the relationships between sites and organisations are converted by the eGov system and transferred to VeVa-Online as changes to the address data. 

Here you will find information on new features of the portal that were introduced with the June release.