Report condition and remaining volume

Service description

Record the condition and remaining volume of a landfill site (types A-E) or of a material extraction site. The data will be checked by the canton.

1. Have you already registered the organisation?

 If not, please use the Create organisation service under My organisation.

 2. Have you registered the site as a landfill or material extraction site and has a company number been assigned to the site?

 If not, please use the Apply for site and site number service.

3. The 'Condition and remaining volume' service can only be started if steps 1 and 2 have been completed.


In what cases must a condition and remaining volume report be submitted?

The Ordinance on the Avoidance and the Disposal of Waste (ADWO) requires the cantons to report information on the operation and condition of landfills to the FOEN at their request. The report must contain the following information in particular:

  1. remaining volume;
  2. for new landfills or existing landfills that have been modified: proof that the facility meets the requirements according to Annex 2 numbers 2.1-2.4 ADWO;
  3. and, if applicable, that measures are being taken according to Article 53 para. 4 ADWO to ensure landfills are not a nuisance or have a harmful effect on their environment

    This must be reported annually for all landfills (types A–E) and material extraction sites. The data provided is checked by the canton.

What data needs to be recorded?

The following data must be provided:

  • Volume of landfilled waste in m3 since the site was first opened
  • Difference to the previous year (is calculated as soon as difference > 0) 
  • Annual available filling volume in m3
  • Approved remaining volume in m3
  • Planned, not yet approved remaining volume in m3
  • Total remaining volume in m3 (will be calculated)

What is the process?

  1. The waste disposal facility is asked to report the condition and remaining volume.
  2. To submit the report for the landfill or material extraction site, select the organisation, site and reporting period.
  3. Upload any attachments.
  4. To submit the report, check the box.
  5. The data is first checked by the canton and then sent to the FOEN.

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