Report condition and remaining volume

Service description

Enter the condition and remaining volume report for a landfill (Types A–E) or a material extraction site. The data provided is checked by the relevant canton.

In what cases must a condition and remaining volume report be submitted? 

Owners of landfills (A, B, C, D, E) and material extraction sites submit their condition and remaining volume report by 28 February for the previous reporting period.

What data must be entered?

The following data must be provided in the report: Filled volume in m3 in the reporting period

  • Annual available filling volume in m³ (quota, limitation by excavation) 
  • Authorised remaining volume in m³ 
  • Planned, not yet authorised remaining volume in m³
  • Total remaining volume in m³ (will be calculated; the sum of the authorised remaining volume and the planned, not yet authorised remaining volume) if required and at the request of the canton

Submission of further documents:

  • For new landfills or changes to existing landfill structures: Evidence that the installations of the structure meet the requirements according to Annex 2 No 2.1-2.4 ADWO;
  • if applicable, measures according to Article 53 paragraph 4 ADWO to prevent possible harmful or nuisance effects of the landfills on the environment.

How does the process work?

Owners of landfills (A, B, C, D, E) and material extraction sites complete the report. After the information entered has been confirmed as accurate, the report is sent to the cantonal authorities for verification. The information provided is mainly used for waste planning (landfill planning) and landfill control.

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