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Annual waste reporting nk

Service description

Submit your site's annual report for waste not subject to regulatory controls [nk]. This information must be submitted every year and is checked by the cantonal offices.

1. Have you already registered the responsible organisation?
If not, please complete the service Create organsiation under My organisation

2. Have you registered the site for your waste facility and has a site number been assigned to the site?
If not, please complete the service Apply for site and site number

3. The annual waste report can only be started if the preconditions according to steps 1 and 2 are fulfilled.

When do I need to submit an annual report?

From 2021, the obligation to report also includes waste not subject to regulatory controls [nk]. All sites that meet the following criteria are required to submit an annual report: 

  • All waste disposal facilities and extraction sites that are to be refilled or recultivated.

What information needs to be provided?

Waste disposal facilities' reports must include their waste input and transfers of waste not subject to regulatory controls. Products can be recorded voluntarily or by cantonal directive (see image 5 in Berichterstattung nach VVEA (PDF, 1 MB, 28.10.2019) (  

Special waste [S] as well as waste subject to regulatory controls with mandatory accompanying documentation [akb] and waste subject to regulatory controls without mandatory accompanying documentation [ak] are already recorded through OMW processes (available on the VeVA-Online platform until 2022).

Upload in CSV file format

Information on the corresponding quantities can also be submitted in a CSV file if that file follows the same format as the template provided.

Template - Example of an annual waste report for nk and Empty template – annual waste report for nk

What is the process for this?

All changes are checked by the relevant cantonal office. You will be notified if any errors or inconsistencies are found. Once the information submitted is approved by the cantonal office, it is forwarded to and approved by the Waste and Resources division of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). 

Only information that has been approved can be accessed in the Analyse nk annual waste report data service.

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