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Enter your cost accounting data here in accordance with Art. 11 para. 1 ESA.

With the cost accounting survey, network operators furnish ElCom with proof that they maintain a cost accounting system containing the bases for chargeable network and energy costs in accordance with Art. 11 para. 1 ESA. This survey is conducted annually and must be completed by all network operators. There are two versions of this survey, a full version and a light version. The version you need to complete depends on the size of your company: the full version is required for all network operators with an output of more than 100'000 MWh a year.

Note that certain sections of the form contain values calculated as a service. However, as the calculation in the online forms limits the number of decimal places, roundings may result in discrepancies between the values in the form and those derived from your or ElCom's calculation.

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