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Service description

Search for registered organisations or sites (waste generating companies, waste disposal facilities, exporters). Different search options are available for this purpose. 

You can find organisations by searching for their company name. 

You find sites by searching for their name or address. Searchable criteria:

  • company number
  • status
  • site name
  • street
  • street number
  • postcode
  • city
  • commune
  • canton. 

Sites that have been registered as waste generating companies can be found by searching for the industry they are in. 

You can find sites that have been registered as waste disposal companies by searching for any of the following criteria:

  • type of waste disposal facility
  • disposal procedures used
  • LVA code
  • ADWO code 

When preparing for waste imports according to OECD guidelines, you can find sites by searching for:

  • OECD codes
  • EU waste codes 

You can export your search results to Excel (CSV). 

You can find the waste lists in the service Waste directories.

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