Register a business partner as a service provider

Service description

Enter an organisation or person (business partner) that you, as a service provider, wish to obtain a service from or perform a service for. 

When is it worth registering a business partner via this service?

Would you like to start a service for an organisation or a person of which you are not the owner or an employee? If so, you can enter this organisation or person here and save the correct contact person. This enables you to start and manage the service as a service provider, until the contact person (future administrator) registers in the DETEC eGovernment portal and takes over the management.

Required data

for an organisation

  • Enterprise-ID UID (you can find the number at or name of the organisation
  • Addresse
  • Correspondence language
  • Telephone numbers
  • EMail addresses
  • Contact person at the organisation (future administrator)

for a person

  • First name and surname
  • Address
  • Correspondence language
  • Email address

Advantages of the Enterprise-ID UID

We recommend that you create the organisation using the UID number. This means that you only have to insert the UID of the organisation in the form and the remaining organisation data is automatically copied from the UID register. If you do not know your UID, you can search for it in the UID register ( and copy it.  

Next steps after creating an entry

The administrator or the person will be informed directly using the e-mail address provided and can register himself or herself. You can start and manage services as a service provider on behalf of the organisation or person. All business cases of the registered organisation or person are displayed in your business case list. When the administrator now logs on to the DETEC eGovernment portal, he or she automatically takes over the business partner which has been created. In this case you lose your rights as a service provider and can no longer perform services for the organisation or person, view business cases or receive notifications about this business partner. If necessary, the new administrator can authorise you again for the organisation using the Manage organisation rights service.

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