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Notify radio interference from radiocommunication services or other electrical/electronic devices.

Interference in frequency use with or without licences 

The use of the frequency spectrum is regulated (NFAP). If devices use frequencies that are not allocated to them, this may create interference with radiocommunication services. One of the services provided by OFCOM's Radio Monitoring and Installations Division is ensuring interference-free radiocommunication.

You can use this service to report interference with the following radiocommunication services:

  • Radio: Interference with radiocommunication or audio broadcasting in the DAB+ and FM range or general radio reception interference. For interference with radio reception via the Internet (IP technology), see below.
  • Television: Interference with satellite reception. For interference with television reception via the Internet (IP technology), see below.
  • Licensed radio services: For users of licensed radio services such as aeronautical radio, professional radio, cab radio, directional radio, etc. *
  • Amateur radio: For users of amateur radio equipment with HBx and the corresponding amateur radio licence. 
  • WLAN/Bluetooth: If electrical equipment interferes with the radiocommunication link or if a radiocommunication link interferes with adjacent electrical equipment or other radio equipment * 
  • Other radiocommunication services: Reception/transmission via a radio antenna such as a baby monitor, wireless headset, wireless audio and multimedia devices, etc. *
  • Mobile telephony: Only reporting from service providers, issues with mobile phones, see below.

* WLAN/Bluetooth, remote controls and wireless headsets (ISM devices) are referred to as 'unprotected' radio services; these do not require a licence but there is also no guarantee of interference-free operation. These devices must nonetheless be operated within the technical standards for the respective radio equipment. OFCOM will assess the situation on site and, if necessary, order the necessary measures. Attention: overcrowding, i.e. several systems on the same channel, is not deemed radio interference!

Interference with the following radiocommunication services must be reported directly to the relevant service provider:

  • Mobile phone interference
    Reporting office for mobile telephony: Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, etc. 
  • Interference of radio and TV via the internet (IP technology)
    Reporting office, e.g. for interference in reception with IP TV streaming of providers such as Swisscom, SunriseUPC, Quickline, etc.
  • Disturbances/Health impacts due to electrosmog/radiation
    Such interference must be reported to the relevant cantonal NIR specialist office.
    Further information is available from the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH (Electromagnetic fields EMF)

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