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Radio operator exams

Here you will find the services for all OFCOM radio operator exams and the associated licences. These also include an overview of your personal licences and upcoming exams.

Frequency use

Here you will find all frequency use services for amateur radio, aeronautical radio, maritime and Rhine radio, CB radio (packet radio) and GPR/WPR. You can request call signs and identifiers and/or submit notifications.

Aeronautical radio

Here you will find all services for notification of radio equipment in an aircraft and notification of a mobile ground radio station for the aeronautical radio service.

Packet Radio

Here you will find all services for citizens band (CB) radio. You can request a packet radio call sign or search for allocated packet radio call signs.

Own notifications and call signs

Here you will find the search services for your own notifications/call signs. You can revoke your own notifications/call signs or adapt radio equipment previously notified (ship/aircraft station licence).