OCRCS export charge declaration

Service description

Do you export waste abroad that is deposited directly or after treatment?
With this service you complete the OCRCS export charge declaration.

When does the charge declaration have to be submitted?

Owners of an exporting site must declare the exported quantities of waste by 28 February for the previous reporting period.

What data must be entered?

The exported quantities of waste and the percentage distribution of the treatment residues of the corresponding notifications must be entered. In addition, you can submit the necessary evidence for the substance flows to be checked for plausibility.

Please note that the service cannot be performed again for a completed reporting period. The information provided can be viewed in the business case list.

How does the process work?

As the owner of an exporting site, you are responsible for ensuring that the OCRCS charge declaration is submitted on time. You can do this using the corresponding service, which sends the data to the FOEN. Once the OCRCS charge declaration submitted has been checked, the amount of the charge is determined and sent to you as a ruling.

The FOEN may carry out OCRCS checks on site to assess the declaration and substance flows for plausibility .

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