Notify handheld radio with DSC

Service description

Notify a handheld radio with DSC (digital selective calling) to obtain a maritime identifier and the corresponding licence.

This notification authorises the use of a handheld radio with digital selective calling (DSC) for participating in the maritime mobile service.

Handheld VHF marine radio with DSC Rules and requirements

  • The ship station licence and the maritime identifier are only issued or allocated if the applicant has the corresponding certificate of competence for recreational boating.
  • If the handheld marine radio is to be used on a ship not flying the Swiss flag, the user must enquire about any special conditions that may apply in the host country.
  • The use of handheld marine radios is prohibited in Switzerland. In most coastal countries, onshore use is illegal
  • The user of the handheld marine radio is responsible for complying with national and international regulations. 
  • A handheld marine radio with DSC and GNSS may only be used for the mobile maritime service. 
  • The data is entered in the MARS database (Maritime Mobile Access and Retrieval System) maintained by the International
    Telecommunication Union (ITU): Maritime mobile Access and Retrieval System (MARS) (

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