What are tasks and how do I work with them?

A task is a request to edit and (re)submit a form for a specific business partner (person or organisation). If the task is not completed, the process is halted and is not further processed.
Tasks are displayed as a message but also as an independent task in the DETEC eGovernment portal. They can thus be opened and processed either directly from a message with the 'Process business case' link or via the 'Tasks' menu item. When a task has been completed (the form is opened and submitted), the task disappears but the message remains. However, the form cannot be opened again.

A task can also be accepted via the 'Tasks' menu item. To do so, the user selects the task with the 'Accept task' button. The user's name and the date of acceptance are then displayed alongside the task. The task can still be accepted and processed by other authorised users of the organisation.

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