Evaluate contact data of sites

Service description

As a canton, refer to the contact data on file for the site. You can export the overview as an Excel file.

What filter options are there?

  • Canton: The canton for which you are authorised is preselected
  • Company type

What information is displayed in the result?

The data of the sites and the associated organisation is evaluated.

The following fields are shown in the result:

  • Company number
  • Site name
  • Canton responsible
  • Company type
  • Waste disposal facility type
  • Site status
  • Annual waste reporting obligation
  • Recording inspectorate
  • Site contact person
  • Site contact telephone number
  • Site contact email address
  • Site email address
  • Organisation name
  • Correspondence language
  • Organisation email address
  • Organisation administrator
  • Administrator CH-ID
  • Administrator telephone number
  • Administrator email address

 If several administrators are on file, they are each displayed on a separate line.

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