Application for treatment as a large-scale importer or emission pool

Service description

This service is used for registration as a large-scale importer or emission pool.

Large-scale importers are importers who imported at least either 50 passenger cars or 6 light commercial vehicles (LCV) in the reference year. Registration as a large-scale importer is for either cars or LCVs. Large-scale importers who import in both vehicle categories must register separately for each one. 

What happens if fewer than the specified minimum number of vehicles are imported?
Large-scale importers whose fleet of new vehicles comprises at least 50 passenger cars or 6 light commercial vehicles in the year preceding the reference year are automatically registered as large-scale importers with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy for the reference year (Art. 18 para. 2 CO2 Ordinance). However, their status as a large-scale importer and the associated calculations for the entire fleet is only provisional: if the fleet comprises fewer than 50 passenger cars or 6 light commercial vehicles at the end of the reference year, the importer is classified as a small-scale importer and must therefore calculate each vehicle individually (Art. 18 para. 4 CO2 Ordinance).

If a large-scale importer expects not to reach the minimum number of vehicles for the year but nonetheless wishes to register again as a large-scale importer for the following year, they should inform the SFOE by email to They will then be notified by the SFOE as to when they can re-register as a large-scale importer via the 'Application for treatment as a large-scale importer or emission pool' service. 

When should a large-scale importer register as such?
Importers acquire large-scale importer status on the date the SFOE approves their application. Vehicles registered in the reference year prior to approval of the application must be accounted for individually (Art. 18 para. 3 and Art. 20 CO2 Ordinance). Ideally, an application for registration or re-registration as a large-scale importer should therefore be made before the start of the reference year.

The calculations for all large-scale importers registered with the SFOE are determined solely on the basis of the number of cars or LCVs in the new vehicle fleet after the end of the corresponding reference year.

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