Overview of condition and remaining volume status

Service description

As a canton, create an overview of which sites (landfills (types A–E) and material extraction sites) have received overdue notices for their condition and remaining volume reports. You can export the overview as an Excel file.

The requirement to report the condition and remaining volume only applies to landfill sites (types A–E) and material extraction sites, which is why only data on these types of sites can be displayed.

What filter options are there?

  • Reporting period
  • Canton: The canton you are authorised for has been preselected

What data is displayed?

Active landfill sites (types A–E) and material extraction sites are analysed.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Site
  • Site number
  • Waste disposal facility type
  • Responsible commune
  • Business partner (organisation)
  • File
  • Data object
  • Status: 'Condition and remaining volume' report
  • Completion date
  • Date of approval by the canton
  • Date request was issued
  • Date reminder was issued
  • Date overdue notice was issued

You can export the list as an Excel file.

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