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Evaluate all waste codes of waste disposal facilities

Service description

With this service, users registered as cantonal employees can call up a report on the approved sites.

The following access rights apply:

  • Users who are not registered or are not registered as a canton cannot run this service
  • The maximum number of hits in the portal is 200 entries. Authorised cantonal users can generate an Excel document from the reports. The Excel report always contains the complete number of hits for the entries.

Data from a site with the following conditions will be evaluated

  • Operating mode = waste disposal facility
  • All codes entered with dates ‘Valid from’ to ‘Valid until’ are output.

Selection criteria (not mandatory fields)

  • Company number
  • Site name
  • Organisation’s name
  • Canton
  • Commune number
  • Waste disposal facility type
  • LVA code
  • Waste disposal procedure
  • Status (requested, rejected, declined, approved)
  • Active since

The result contains the following columns and output values:

  1. Company number
  2. Site name
  3. Complete site address (incl. additional lines 1 & 2)
  4. Waste disposal facility types (separated by a comma, in the organisation’s correspondence language)
  5. X / Y [wra1] coordinates
  6. Lot number
  7. Inspectorate for entering the report
  8. Inspectorate for checking the report
  9. Organisation’s name, incl. complete address
  10. Canton responsible
  11. Commune number
  12. Commune responsible
  13. Site contact person, with telephone number and email address (separate fields)
  14. Site telephone number 1
  15. Site telephone number 2
  16. Site email address
  17. Waste code
    1. LVA code (table in ascending order)
    2. LVA classification[wra2] 
    3. LVA code - Name (the code names are given in the organisation’s correspondence language)
    4. Waste disposal procedure (all, separated by a comma, sorted alphabetically, e.g. D151, D152)
    5. Valid from
    6. Valid to
    7. Pre-consent
    8. OECD code
    9. EU waste codes
    10. Pre-consent valid until
    11. ADWO code
    12. ADWO code name
  18. Status
  19. Active since

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