Approve waste report for the FOEN

Service description

On 1 May, the cantons are sent a request to approve the companies' annual waste reports (nk) and (ak). The cantons must provide this information by 30 June. They can approve the annual waste reports for the FOEN in one batch.

When are annual waste report approved for the FOEN?

From the 2022 reporting period, other waste subject to regulatory controls without mandatory accompanying documentation (ak) must be recorded using this service in the DETEC eGovernment portal instead of, as previously, in veva-online. 

All sites that meet the following criteria are required to submit an annual waste report:

  • All waste disposal facilities and material extraction sites that are being filled or recultivated.

What data must be reported?

The cantonal staff can define the reporting period. A canton's staff can only approve information from the cantons for which they are authorised.

What is the process?

  1. A request to approve waste reports is sent to each canton:
  2. The cantonal administrator can select the service 'Approve annual waste reporting for the FOEN'
  3. The cantonal administrator approves the annual waste report for the FOEN by:
    1. Defining the reporting period
    2. Checking the 'Approve' box
    3. Adding an optional comment
    4. Submitting the form
  4. When the form is siubmitted, the canton's waste reports are set to 'Approved for the FOEN.

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