Notify radio equipment in an aircraft 

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Notify radio equipment in an aircraft.

What is the purpose of notification?

Notification authorises the use of radio equipment on board an aircraft (as well as motorised aircraft and gliders, this also includes balloons, hang-gliders, delta gliders and paragliders). OFCOM issues the aircraft station licence for all aircraft registered in Switzerland.

What is aeronautical radio?

Aeronautical radio refers to aircraft equipment for connecting to ground radio stations for the transmission of flight operation and flight safety messages. Pilots of balloons, gliders or delta gliders can also exchange messages with their ground escort vehicles.

Who are the users?

The users are airlines, airfields and private individuals. The equipment must comply with Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) regulations. In certain cases, the equipment may only be operated with the corresponding certificate of proficiency, which is issued by the FOCA to interested parties after passing an exam.

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