Set administrator

Service description

Set an administrator for a site as a cantonal employee. The administrator then receives all the necessary rights for the defined organisation associated with the site.

This service is only available to authorised users of a canton.

When is this service used?

If no administrator has been defined for the organisation associated with a site, the services Manage organisation rights and Edit organisation data cannot be used. Cantonal employees can use this service to assign the administrator to the organization.

For which sites can an administrator be defined?

There are two conditions that must be fulfilled:

  1. You can only select sites that are located in the canton for which you are authorised.
  2. An authorisation as administrator can only be set for organisations associated with the sites that do not have an administrator yet.

What is the process after the authorisation is set?

Already registered eGovernment Portal DETEC user
The user receives a message via the The user receives a message via the DETEC eGovernment portal. The message contains information about the site.

Not registered email address
An e-mail is sent to the entered address with a request to register on the DETEC eGovernment portal . After the registration, the user automatically has the rights to the organization associated with the site.

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