Cession notification

Service description

This service can be used to notify the assignment of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to a large importer or emissions pool.

Any importers of passenger cars, whether they are a large or small importer, may arrange for a vehicle imported by them to be assigned to a (different) large importer for calculation of the CO2 penalty. Any such assignments must be notified to the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) before the vehicle is first registered in Switzerland. Assignments arranged after initial registration in Switzerland will not be accepted. Once made, assignments cannot be revoked. Each vehicle may be assigned only once.

Private and small importers may receive a bonus for an efficient vehicle by assigning it to a large importer. If a number of small importers join together to form an emissions pool, they have the same offsetting benefits as large importers.

With assignments, large importers and emissions pools can, for example, offset their CO2 emissions falling below the fleet-specific target.

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