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Annual waste reporting

Submit your site’s annual report for waste not subject to regulatory controls (nk) and for other waste subject to regulatory controls without mandatory accompanying documentation (ak). This information must be submitted every year and is checked by the cantonal offices.

Annual waste report for several sites

This service is available to all organisations and their registered users. If an inspectorate is responsible for a site, only the users of the inspectorate can use the service. The annual waste report must be recorded for the waste categories (nk) and (ak).


Here you will find information on changes to the waste and raw materials services in connection with veva-online.


Waste directories

Search for waste codes in the ADWO, OMW, the European Waste List, and the waste lists according to the OECD Council Decision and the Basel Convention.
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You can find instructions on how to use our 'Waste and Resources' services, information about the changes to the veva-online platform and more here.


Enter your tariffs here for publication on ElCom's electricity price website in accordance with Art. 12 para. 1 ESA.

Check declarations

Here you can find the service to check and verify the submitted declarations. This service is reserved for cargo acceptance staff for use in the cargo acceptance procedure as described in Part 7, Chapter 1 of the TIs to ICAO Annex 18. 


Here you will find all services relating to radio licences, radio operator tests, interference reports or frequency uses.

Radio operator exams

Here you will find the services for all OFCOM radio operator exams and the associated licences. These also include an overview of your personal licences and upcoming exams.

Frequency use

Here you will find all frequency use services for amateur radio, aeronautical radio, maritime and Rhine radio, CB radio (packet radio) and GPR/WPR. You can request call signs and identifiers and/or submit notifications.

Aeronautical radio

Here you will find all services for notification of radio equipment in an aircraft and notification of a mobile ground radio station for the aeronautical radio service.

Packet Radio

Here you will find all services for citizens band (CB) radio. You can request a packet radio call sign or search for allocated packet radio call signs.

Own notifications and call signs

Here you will find the search services for your own notifications/call signs. You can revoke your own notifications/call signs or adapt radio equipment previously notified (ship/aircraft station licence).

Telecom services

Here you will find all digital services concerning telecom services and can request, manage and search for numbers, number blocks and codes.

Short numbers

Request a short number (carrier selection code (CSC), 18xy, 116xyz, 1xy, SMS/MMS) or search for available or allocated short numbers.

Information on requesting SMS/MMS short numbers 

With SMS/MMS short numbers, you can offer your customers access to content services via SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging System). These numbers must be requested from a telecommunications service provider.
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Other numbers and codes

Request addressing resources, such as national signalling point codes (NSPCs), mobile network codes (MNCs), issuer identifier numbers (IINs), etc., or search for available or allocated addressing resources.

Request a manufacturer code

Request a manufacturer code, which is used by the control procedures for Group 3 fax machines (non-standard facilities). The structure of the manufacturer code (or 'terminal provider code') is specified in ITU-T Recommendation T.35. 
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Request an operator code 

Request an operator code to identify service providers and operators of national and international networks for telephony and data transmission in accordance with ITU-T Recommendation M.1400.
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Search for more addressing resources

Search for more allocated or available addressing resources (e.g. ADMD, NSAP, manufacturer codes).
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Manage a TSP

Update your data for registration as a telecommunications service provider.
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My products

Search for products assigned to your organisation.
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Contact for questions about telecom services

Contact us if you have any questions, comments or complaints about telecom services. The relevant office will be pleased to handle your request.
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